Sleeping With Sirens/Set It Off/ Belmont/ Point North @ The Masquerade

Sleeping With Sirens/Set It Off/Belmont/Point North @ The Masquerade in Atlanta – 1/25/20
Review by Tamara Comstock

In a stroke of luck, I won concert tickets from a local radio station for a sold out show headlined by Sleeping With Sirens. I was not familiar with any of the bands, but I am always down for live music so I found a friend to go on a last minute musical adventure with me. I absolutely adore The Masquerade, but they had multiple packed shows that night and only one point of entry. After waiting in what felt like an endless line that snaked its way through the parking deck we missed about half of the first band.

Set It Off getting the crowd fired up at The Masquerade in Atlanta.

Let me pause here and say that pop punk/punk rock is not generally my scene. However, there’s a level of excitement in not knowing what to expect and discovering something new. There were 4 bands on the ticket, and the openers didn’t leave much of an impression until Set It Off took the stage. There was an instant shift in energy. The band was really interacting with the audience, and I felt we were elevated from simply spectators to true concertgoers. By the time they played “Hypnotized” we were completely in their spell, waving our arms, jumping, and singing along at their whim. Towards the end of “N.M.E.” we were all crouched on the ground waiting to explode like human fireworks.  Set It Off was, simply put, a fun show.

Set It off at The Masquerade in downtown Atlanta

A favorite moment of mine was during “Killer in The Mirror,” when lead singer Cody Carson was lifted above the crowd and stood – held up only by the hands of several audience members – as everyone sang along. He belted out a few lines and then dove into the crowd to the delight of everyone. “Why Worry” was an explosive burst of positivity with Carson advising everyone to just let go and have fun tonight because we were all there for the music. From the balcony to the pit everyone was singing and dancing while colorful lights swirled around the room. Ending on an intense note, the crowd was fully energized during “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” with several crowd surfers gliding above the pit.

Riled up crowed during “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” by Set It Off

Sleeping with Sirens also put on a great show. The headliners sold out the venue, and you could tell they were loved – especially in the moments where dozens of fans would throw up heart hands between songs. Personally, I didn’t connect to the music like I did to Set It Off, but can appreciate how they put their all into the performance, and I respect their dedicated fanbase. My friend and I ended up leaving a little before the end of the concert to try and beat the parking deck gridlock so I didn’t see the whole set, but if you like pop punk or post hardcore music I think you would enjoy their show. 

See more photos from the show in our Facebook album!

The concertgoers showing their love for Sleeping With Sirens

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